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Company Profile

Welcome to the world of Automotive Appearance Services, you have come to the right place. TLC Car Care is a major supplier to retail customers along with new and used automotive outlets. Our motto is "INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE IN AUTOMOTIVE DETAILING." TLC Car Care has been the leader for automotive appearance presentation since 1986. We are a professional, dedicated team, so you can be assured that we will "detail in detail" your prized possession. We use quality products to achieve an exceptional result.

At TLC we pride ourselves on our reputation of providing high quality services at affordable and competitive prices. All of our team are mature age professional consultants, and are qualified tradespersons with years of experience within the industry. Our experience allows us to provide you with a tailor made service to suit your individual requirements.

There is no job too big or too small.
Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.
Our business has been built on quality, as we deliver better than value for money.

Water Restrictions for Mobile Services

Restrictions now apply, with issues now in place such as water-usage, water collection, as well as environmental impact.

Water operators now have to be certified and can only use 16 Litres of water per vehicle, regardless of its size or condition. Waste water to has to be contained and not allowed to enter local waterways via the drains or gutters - NO BACK TO THE BAY. Therefore, cleaning cannot be performed on concrete/bitumen corporate premises.

FINES up to $1500.00 now apply, however we do have the facilities to contain and catch the waste water which involves the setting up and repacking a catchment mat. Additional time required to do this is 20 minutes at a cost of $25.00.

Electricity, tap water and cover are to be available to perform the work. Mobile services are impacted by the the high cost of fuel and maintenance required to operate a mobile service fleet, therefore there may be a Callout Fee of $65.00, this depends on the size of the job and location of the requested service.

Significant Differences

TLC can provide you with a full range of Presentation/Repair solutions. One phone call can handle all your needs;

1. Resale 'showroom' presentations
2. Corporate Fleet maintenance
3. Paint Sealant
4. Chip, scratch & scuff removal
5. Overspray removal
6. Swirl Marks removal
7. Minor dent removal using the Paintless Dent Repair process
8. Rust prevention
9. Accessories enhancement
..... - pinstriping
.....- window tinting
.....- quality tailor-made sheepskins
.....- spoilers, scoops, bodystyling
10. Minor repairs
.....- steering wheel bonding
.....- windscreen chips & scratches
.....- vinyl & plastic repair
.....- mirror head & glass replacement
.....- hood lining repair & replacement
.....- headlamp & tail-light repairs & replacement
.....- appliance & white goods paint & restoration


The controllers of TLC Car Care have been in the automotive service industry for a combined 60+ years.

In 1986 it was recognised that there was a need for a quality automotive cleaning company, giving attention to all the little details missed by a lot of the amateur 'bucket & hose' cleaners. We wanted to create a unique, memorable experience with value for a client's investment.

We, as people in the industry, have difficulty finding experienced detailers to meet our high standards we demand and wish to deliver to you the client.

After 17+ years in operation, a large number of our new clients come from referrals or from seeing the finished quality of what we deliver.

Potential clients who let their fingers do the walking, have an awesome task in front of them - the word "detailing" has a lot of misrepresentation, poetic licence, 'fishing tale' stories etc, and without knowing the quality of the company that you are choosing, it is similar to pinning a tail on a donkey!

In 1998, to answer the numerous requests for paint repairs, we introduced TLC's Auto Paint Wizard, where one operator was able to provide chip, scratch & scuff solutions as well as automotive presentations.

In 2002, we opened our in-house facility at 7 Holden St, Woolloongabba, which has been our Corporate Head Office for 12 years, 3Kms from the CBD .

You are most welcome to come in and visit us, to have a cuppa with us and see how we can be the problem solvers for you. We have the solutions - wholesale or retail we do the detail, from mowers to dozers.

In our time in business, since establishment in 1986, we have seen many amateurs and competitors come and go, while we grow stronger! We attribute our growth and success to a high standard of customer service, outstanding quality, providing more than value for money and ecstatic client's referrals and retention.

Rest assured we are here to stay. We may have many competitors but we don't have opposition in the level of Quality and Value that our services deliver.

TLC Car Care has achieved " Success through Service."

Customer Feedback

TLC Car Care is interested in your comments on this website and the standard of service we provide. This feedback enables us to improve the quality of the service we provide and it would be very much appreciated if you could take a few minutes to enter some details in our Feedback Form.

Customer Testimonials

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Customer Advice

TLC also offers some advice to vehicle owners who are currently thinking of selling their current car (either privately or as a trade-in) or purchasing a vehicle, industry terminology and more. Select from the menu provided.

TLC Privacy Policy

TLC collects customer information to enable us to provide our services and products and adheres strictly to a Privacy Policy outlined in our Terms & Conditions, that ensures confidentiality.

Note: The information provided on the pages of this website is the original intellectual property of TLC Care Care (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Our fully equipped vans and highly trained staff will come to you and provide all services at a place of your convenience.


TLC Car Care specialises in caring for prestige vehicles, ensuring the quality of your purchase is maintained.


We also specialise in caring for and cleaning 4WD, especially necessary after off-road use.


No matter what size vehicle you have, our Presentations will help you keep it looking fresh & new.


When it comes to selling your car, the interior is as important as the exterior and TLC offers Presentations to cater for both.


When you are looking at selling your car, disposing of it quickly and achieveing maximum $$'s, it is critical that it be presented at its best.


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