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This service is specially designed for passionate motoring enthusiasts with medium to dark paint finishes, who desire an ultra long lasting, mirror finish at all times. These clients wish to remove those irritating fine scratches, swirl marks and holograms, which frustrate them every time they look at their "pride and joy".         


1. Are you a Connoisseur of fine vehicle presentation?                                                   
2. What is your vehicle worth?
3. Do you have a medium to dark coloured vehicle?  
4. Had a detail to remove scratches and 6 weeks later the scratches and marks reappear?   
5. Had your vehicle buffed before and then noticed a fine array of swirl mark and fine scratches?   
6. What is it worth to protect and display your investment in the best light?                                                   
Does your dark coloured vehicle show swirl marks, holograms or fine scratches?

Normal detailing process after completion can only camouflage these problem areas for a short period of time. As the waxes wear off (normally 2-3 months) these unsightly "swirls and holograms" re-appear. TLC's 5 stage process physically removes swirl marks and fine scratches giving the painted surface a mirror wax free finish.         

This process does not cut layers of paint off the surface, it removes the imperfections. The final process applies a coat of Temper Flex (liquid glass) sealant to protect the surface from reoccurring holograms. Automotive paints are generally soft.  Regular washing is enough to leave fine annoying scratches and swirls (holograms) particularly evident on medium to dark colours.           

This exclusive service cannot be quoted over the phone.  Each vehicle is individual and has to be physically  inspected to ascertain the degree of rectification needed to correct these imperfections. This is a time-based service and 8 to 10 hours are required to perform this prestige service.  

Procedures such as this cannot be rushed and due to the delicate nature of this process the Blue Ribbon Service has to be performed "in house" in a controlled environment.

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