29'th July 1999




I have been an Ocean Beach Fisherman (net handling from the surf) for over thirty years and currently fish the ocean beaches in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland approximately 250 days a year.

As crew leader, my vehicle is used for all the "dirty work", i.e. it is often actually IN the surf and is regularly "hit" (washed over) by bigger waves. Additionally, I carry brine tanks and salt and raw fish in the back all the time.

My Toyota probably gets a worse hiding than almost any other similar vehicle, but to me it is strictly a workhorse. That's what it is for, and that how I use it.

My current vehicle is now more than two years old and in just as good condition as when I fitted the E.R.P.S unit when it was five months old. Prior to that I had another brand of Electronic System fitted, but it just didn't seem to cope. Spray on chemicals have never helped much in my line of work.

When I approached the people at E.R.P.S, they explained that there was far more to preventing rust than just screwing on a gadget or spraying chemicals all over the vehicle.

I have had three upgraded E.R.P.S systems fitted since November, 1997 and each seems better than the one before. I have been to the E.R.P.S Factory numerous times and have seen how they keep working to improve the product. I reckon the latest systems is near perfect. I know what I see and I know that in all the years I've been fishing I have never seen anything that prevents rust and general deterioration like the E.R.P.S. I have no idea how or why it works and I couldn't care less - I just know it saves me a fortune in maintenance - especially the brakes and for the first time ever I'm going to get a decent trade in on the vehicle. Last time I tried to trade a two year old vehicle I got hunted out of the dealers. Although the others in my crew were very sceptical when I went for the E.R.P.S system, they have all fitted E.R.P.S to their vehicles, except one. His 4WD is two years old and almost worthless now.

I can only say this E.R.P.S work like magic. I reckon if it can keep my vehicles in good condition, it would keep most others like new.

I always try to buy Australian and E.R.P.S is all Australian. Not only that, but the E.R.P.S systems are pretty cheap when you see how much they can save over a few years. The other thing is that you can tell they know what they're talking about, and they explain why systems must be adapted for certain conditions on different vehicles.



Paul Gibson
Professional Fisherman