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Electronic Rust Prevention System (ERPS)

What the ERPS System can do

The ERPS system dramatically decreases the rate of corrosion that occurs due to electrochemical processes. It does this by capacitively inducing a negative charge on the metal surface that helps make the metal more electrochemically inert. The charge is spread and held by the dielectric properties of the paint. Where the metal is uncovered or poorly covered, what paint is in the vicinity helps keep the charge on the metal surface. By placing a negative charge on the surface, the positive metal ions that are produced during corrosion are less likely to form and the reaction is slowed. The system therefore helps eliminate pitting, rust bubbles and other forms of cancerous corrosion that result from electrochemical corrosion.

What the ERPS System CANNOT do

It cannot return rusted components back to metal, the amount of energy that is released in a rust reaction is very large. While the system can help slow the rust reaction considerably it cannot replace the large amount of energy needed to restore the metal. This makes reversing the reaction well beyond the capability of the system.

It Cannot Protect Large Areas of Bare Metal

It is still important to keep paint on the metal, as paint is required to keep the amount of charge large enough to protect. Therefore it will not be of great assistance on bare metals, including galvanising and other metallic platings. The ERPS system will be of assistance close to paint, so 100% paint coverage that is normally needed to be 100% effective is certainly not as crucial as it is without the protection of the system.

It cannot be too strongly emphasised that Ferric Oxide (surface rust) will form on bare metal or perhaps come through thin, porous paint.

It Cannot Protect the Metal Surrounding Existing Rust

A fact of life in the electrostatics field is that it is almost impossible to hold a charge on a sharp thin edge, such as often exists in rust holes. If covered with paint everything is fine, but exposed areas with thin sharp metal edges will be unprotected. This means that any rust perforations or bubbling will need to be adequately cleaned up, edges filed square and a reasonable coat of paint applied, before the system will be properly effective in that area.

It Cannot Prevent Corrosion Completely

While the system is a unique and very effective rust preventative, its basic mechanism is to slow the electrochemical reactions involved in rust, therefore any bare metal is still likely to develop a superficial layer of surface rust, because this is a direct reaction between the chemical components of corrosion.

Most automotive paints are porous to some degree and will allow moisture to enter and react with the metal underneath, causing the rust to bubble under the paint. When protected by the ERPS system, this destructive form of rust is restricted to a thin surface layer of rust. In some cases when it rains, surface rust can leech down the paint as a rusty streak. This is due to either exposed metal or porous paint and while this rust will not develop into bubbling or pitting, the effect can be unsightly. This problem becomes more apparent as vehicles age and paints oxidise and become thinner. In cases such as this, it is advisable to either give the area a coat of paint, in the case of exposed metal, or wash the area and go over it with a good quality paint sealant in the case of porous paints. The incidence of surface rust leeching through paint is particularly evident in salty conditions and during periods of constant rain. If the ERPS system is fitted when the vehicle is new, or near new, it is unlikely that such leeching would occur at all, since the electronic system also protects against oxidation of paint.

It Cannot Perform Miracles

The ERPS system cannot perform miracles. Capacitively inducing a charge onto the metal surface is a proven and reliable method of reducing electrochemical corrosion, but it has its limits. We therefore suggest that if your corrosion problem is unique, by either the environment the vehicle is working in or the size and paint coverage of the vehicle that the factory is contacted for specialist advice.

Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials are from satisfied ERPS customers.

1. Matt Blair, Sunshine Beach Surf Club

2. John Gorman, Gormans Removals

3. Paul Gibson, Professional Beach Fisherman

4. Brett Higgins, Professional Beach Fisherman


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