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Marine Care

Recently, after numerous requests, TLC commenced a separate division "Marine Care" to cater for this specific market. We find that luxury vessels require on-going cleaning as they are in the water, the open air and subject to the elements with jet-fuel fallout, corrosion and salt build-up. We find that clients want to keep their pride and joy for leisure activities and not spend endless hours cleaning moored vessels, which have been exposed to the elements via ultra-violet rays and industrial fallout.

TLC provides one-off services for a regular maintenance program which would include regular fallout wash, down to protective polishing. We are sure you would prefer to spend your leisure time enjoying your vessel rather than washing it. Relax and enjoy your weekend on the water, bring the vessel home to its mooring pen, lock it up, secure it and leave the rest to TLC Marine Care. We offer "lifestyle architecture" whereby we will come and clean the exterior and the interior of the vessel, including doing the dishes and restocking of the galley, if required. Just leave your shopping list and credit card details on file. If your vessel is not used on a regular basis, we can clean it whenever you like, in readiness for your next outing. We clean, maintain, repair and upkeep your vessel to meet your requirements and budget.

As the current high prices of marine vessels represents a significant outlay, it is paramount that they are maintained on a regular basis to ensure their market value is maintained, be it a personal or company owned vessel. TLC can also structure a corporate maintenance program to suit your requirements.

Paint Sealant

PURR...ANNUM is the world's finest and most cost effective marine paint sealant. It flows like "liquid glass" that penetrates and seals your vessel's surface, leaving an ultra high gloss finish, blending into the paint rather than just remaining on the surface. A major advantage in using this product is 'Easy Maintenance' - no more waxing and polishing. Paint sealants protect your vessel, with advanced technology, sealing in the shine and deepening the gloss. The unique formula provides a protective barrier guarding against the harmful affects of the everyday 'water' environment. Click here for more information about this product.

You can contact TLC to discuss your Marine Care requirements for your vessel or send a Booking Form via email to establish preliminary contact and TLC will contact you to arrange for an assessment and work to be carried out.



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