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PURR...ANNUM is the world's finest and most cost effective automotive and marine paint sealant. It flows like "liquid glass" that penetrates and seals your vehicle's surface, leaving an ultra high gloss finish, blending into the paint rather than just remaining on the surface.

PURR..ANNUM fills in the tiny valleys of pinpoint paint pores, hairline cracks and crevices, smoothing out spots where grime clings and corrosion begins, while leaving a glossy, silky smooth but rock hard finish.

This product brings out your vehicle's natural paint gloss, acting as a magnifier, it produces a glow from deep within the paint layer and reflects it to the surface like no other paint sealant or so-called polishes.

PURR...ANNUM acts as a repellant to foreign matter, eliminating the stubborn stickiness of road tars, grease, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, road salts, food stains, blue ink marks, industrial fallout and most spray paint.

This product uses the most up-to-date technology to give your car a bright and glossy finish and comes with a written guarantee. As the name suggests, it is designed to be annually inspected and reapplied. In that way any chips, scratches and scuffs can be repaired and then the Purr....Annum sealant is reapplied thus giving you ongoing protection from most common causes of corrosion;

The accumulation of road salt, dirt and moisture in hard-to-reach areas
Chipping of paint or undercoating caused by minor accidents or stones and gravel.
Repair/touch-up all marks on the paintwork where bare metal is exposed


Why You Need a Paint Sealant

The average car wash, a shower of rain, days in the summer sun. Individually none of these things seem harmful to your car's shiny new finish. Yet each year they combine to rob your car of its showroom surface and leave you with a dull, damaged finish, requiring hours of unnecessary washing, waxing and maintenance. The worst of it is that you never know it's happening until it is too late.

The day will arrive when you find yourself faced with the choice between a dull faded finish or the expense of repainting. Which is why, of course, it pays to invest in a paint sealant such as PURR...ANNUM.

Paint Sealants are the most advanced polymeric paint treatment available. The unique blend of polymers offers superior protection and ensures your car's finish will retain its high lustre, resist weather induced deterioration, fading, oxidation and loss of gloss for years to come.

Easy Maintenance - no more waxing and polishing. Paint sealants protect your car, with advanced technology, sealing in the shine and deepening the gloss. The unique formula provides a protective barrier guarding against the harmful affects of the everyday environment.


Fabric Protection

After exhaustive testing and rejections, TLC has selected what we believe to be the best product to deliver the best fabric protection for your vehicle.

There is a 'fallacy' surrounding this type of treatment, as no chemicals will totally protect against spillages and stains and eliminate staining entirely.

However, with the product TLC offers, the fabric will achieve its purpose of slowing down the absorbtion rate, when spillage occurs, to allow you time to soak up the mess - this often happens when you have children.

Chances are that if you have just purchased a new car, you would really like to keep it that way as long as possible! You appreciate the appearance of your new pride and joy.

Protecting the interior surfaces of your new vehicle should be one of your top priorities. Unfortunately for fabric and velour upholstery it only takes a spill here, a little dirt there and the ageing process has begun. Fibres become stained, weakened, more susceptible to wear and tear and your resale value is affected.

CARSEAL has been formulated to surround and protect each fibre to ensure stains and marks such as soil, food stains and liquid spills, simply wash/wipe away.

It's invisible application is odourless, does not affect fabric colour or texture, is non-flammable and allergy free whilst extending the life and beauty of your fabric by protecting it against water and oil borne stains.

In addition, protection is also available for vinyl, developed to penetrate, condition and seal all interior vinyl and plastic. Virtually unaffected by ozone, oxygen and ultra- violet rays, it provides an effective barrier against fading, cracking, rotting and discolouring.

For LEATHER a little goes a long way in maintaining the comfort and luxury appeal of leather upholstery and trim in your vehicle, similar to hand cleansers and moisturises. We can:

1. Professionally clean and remove deeply embedded soil, food stains and other stains from virtually all leathers including nuback and suede.

2. Condition & remoisturise leather and leave it supple and resistant, and will remove most common surface soiling quickly. Designed for leather that has a topcoat finish.

3. Protect or add that final protection to your leather seats. Designed to repel dirt and most oil based stains. Provides water resistance to topcoat leathers.

Click here to see details of this presentation package and to make a preliminary booking with TLC.


Maintenance Programs

Are especially designed to suit a client's individual needs and protect their second largest investment by providing a regular schedule of services designed to give maximum appearance and always provide that NEW CAR LOOK.

In our harsh and damaging environment it is critical that we preserve the lustre in our vehicle's paintwork and interior. Here is a simple example that will demonstrate what your vehicle is being exposed to daily, from our ultra violet rays draining the moisture out of your vehicle - place a white newspaper on your dash and in 2 to 3 days you will observe that it will have changed to a bleached yellow in colour.

The most effective program is regularly loving attention to your vehicle on one of the following monthly servicing programs;

1 x Platinum presentation (Gold + Purr....Annum)
3 X Bronze presentations
8 x Executive clean and gleam

For a small monthly investment (less than some smokers spend daily), TLC can keep your vehicle GLOWING.

Sedan & Station Wagon
4WD & People Movers
Per Week

For clients wishing to take further advantage of our discount packages, should they wish to prepay upfront like a fitness club - we offer a minimum 10% --20% saving off normal costing within the 12 month contract at a fixed price for that period.

The above is an "example only" - any program would have to be inspected and individually quoted, to suit the individual's needs and circumstances.

NOTE: Additional to the maintenance program - are paintless dent removals, paint chips, scratches and scuffs removal. These will be quoted individually and should these services be provided, payment would be required on invoicing.

Maintenance Programs would involve a 12 month contract.


Smoke Odour Removal

For clients who wish to eliminate smoke odours from their car, TLC offer the M1 Air Care System.

Click here for details of the product and click here for installation details.


Alloy Product Polishing

Alloy products such as Bull bars , roll bars and mag wheels are NOT part of our normal packages process. These are cleaned but not highly polished, however we can polish these by hand and using a specalized polisher with good results.

However this can be time consuming as all jobs are not the same and can only be attempted on your behalf on an actual time basis only - hourly rate.


Accident Stain Removal

The removal of human and pet accidents such as pet urine or human vomit, involves a 2 part process by operators who are experienced and familiar with what is actually required to solve your problem as it is a complex accident. We have the Solution !

Cat urine falls into 4 categories ----All are not equal: male or female, desexed or unchanged, normal or stressed cat urine has a distinctive and unpleasant odor that can permeate fabric and carpeting. Even well trained cats can spray when stressed, upset or out of their comfort zone. The odor is strong and can be very pungent. Removing cat urine is often a difficult task as it can flow down between the crevices but with our experience and process it can be accomplished.!

We firstly use a black light to locate the offending area/s stains that appear as yellow splatter or spots ! For maximum results we use a Bacteria / enzyme to remove all parts of the stain and the odor. For best results it is best that we attack the problem ASAP as Bacteria grows rapidly at a rate of 1,000,000 micro every 24 hours compounding.

Human spillages such as vomit or food/drink spillages will only get worse the longer you leave it. Initially it is best to wet the actual area and mop up with tissues and leave the windows down to allow ventalitation ---leaving a vehicle locked up will only compound and accelerate the problem. What is required for proper elimination of stains and odours is our method of deep wet extraction shampoo which profession house carpet cleaners use and incorporated with this is a bacteria killing enzyme additive, similar to that used in hospitals.

Call us for further details.



The Purr...Annum cat, symbol of the world's finest & most cost effective automotive paint sealant.


Your car will receive a glossy, silky smooth but rock hard finish that will make your car glow.


Sealants are especially advantageous for 4WD vehicles that have added exposure to dirt & mud, and chips & scratches from stones & gravel in off-road conditions.







The interior of your vehicle is as important as the exterior. TLC Car Care have a range of products to professionally clean a variety of interior surfaces & materials.


TLC specialises in cleaning, conditioning and remoisturising leather interiors.






A TLC Maintenance Program provides a regular schedule of services, designed to ensure that your investment has a year round new car look.
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