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The mobile service that comes to you and restores your vehicle's paintwork to its original condition. "Paint Wizard" is TLC's unique revolutionary system for rectification of noticeable blemishes. This repair can be a cosmetic improvement to full invisible paintout. "Paint Wizard" repairs chips, scratches, bumper bar scuffs, rust blisters, stone and windscreen chips at a fraction of conventional panelbeating and respraying costs.

You can contact TLC direct or send details via a Booking Form to arrange a 'Paint Wizard' solution to restore your vehicle.


Fixing those nasty dents & scratches.

There is nothing more annoying than to come back to your car and find it scratched and/or dented, and no witnesses!!

Little repairs can mean that the car is off the road and it is going to cost you a lot more than you think it will.

1 in 10 accidents occur in shopping centre car parks. Minor fender benders, smashed bumpers and other hazards of car park use, such as;

  (a) runaway shopping trolleys
(b) bad driving
(c) doors being opened onto each other
(d) vandalization - key scratches

Sad to say, in most instances, the person responsible will just drive away as they do not wish to pay out the money involved or claim it on their own insurance, due to the excess involved.

You will probably find yourself in the same situation, as any claim you make to fix the damage will affect your excess, your no claim bonus and in your next insurance policy renewal.

Drivers keen to on-sell their cars can have these minor repairs fixed from $150 compared to $600 for conventional panel beating & respray work.

So what can you do to get the car back to as new again, cheaply without claiming it on insurance?

TLC can achieve astounding results using a massage technique - massaging the metal panels from behind - that does not damage the paintwork and retain the original appearance (providing the paint is not cracked). No Colour Matching required! Damage the size of a 20c piece, for instance, is a small job that could take a panel shop 3 days to fix at a cost of approximately $600. This could also lead to an insurance claim and the loss of that valuable no claim bonus. Using the PDR process, it would only cost a fraction of that, in both time and money.

Mobile Repairers such as TLC, who use the PDR process, are now a recognised part of the automotive industry. They are more convenient and they come to you - you don't have to deliver your vehicle to a repair shop and leave it there while repairs are made. As a consumer you must ensure that you deal only with established creditable repairers - back yarders may be cheaper, usually take shortcuts, are unlicensed, don't own their premises nor work within environmental controls, thus making it all too easy for the fly-by-nighter to disappear when eventually the complaints start rolling in!

Also, don't try to save on dent repairs now and expect them to be covered by a big insurance claim later. Most insurance assessors are experts at picking what is the current claim at hand versus what has happened months or years ago.

Self-inflicted Damage

Of course prevention is better than cure. If it is a case of damage being done when you drive into your own garage, trying to gauge distances, then maybe you need a Parksafe (a stopping block). It takes the guesswork out of parking - a sort of idiot-proof parking guide. Click here for details.

Paintless Dent Removal - PDR

TLC's PDR is the most cost-effective solution to the problem of removing unsightly minor dents from panels, without damaging paintwork.

At some time, all vehicles receive dents to their bodywork. Rogue shopping trolleys, careless passers-by, other vehicles, hail, flying objects and stones. All these cause damage to the bonnets, roofs and sides of vehicles.

PDR is a revolutionary technique that massages away damage, restoring your vehicle's appearance and value, without expensive panel beating, difficult paint colour-matching or respraying.

TLC's operators are highly trained specialists in the PDR technique, relying on expert knowledge and experience to produce a perfect result. TLC's operators are mobile so repairs can be carried out at a time and place suitable to you, ensuring that inconvenience and costly off-the-road time is kept to a minimum.


What is the PDR system?

During the 1980's prestige car manufacturers in Europe developed an innovative method of repairing small dents that occurred during the manufacture and delivery of new vehicles. This system was called Paintless Dent Repairs and is now available in Australia. There are a variety of different systems, each uses the principle of levering or easing the dent back to its original shape without damaging the existing paintwork and without need to respray. All Paintless Dent Repair systems are capable of repairing panel damage on modern motor vehicles.

Paintless Dent Repair is used by most new car dealers to rectify panel damage that often occurs during transit and pre-delivery.


Paintless dent removal is relatively new in the field of automotive body repairs. Some of the features and benefits of this process are as follows;

  • The factory finish remains intact. No sanding, filling or painting means that the body surface remains original in appearance and that there is no risk of paint colour mismatching. Therefore the resale value of the car is not adversely affected by the PDR process.
  • Paintless dent repairs are usually much cheaper than conventional bodywork.
  • Paintless dent repairs are much faster than conventional bodywork.
  • Paintless dent repairs can be performed at mobile locations to suit the client.


Benefits to the owner.

There are a number of key benefits when dents are removed using the PDR system. Most importantly your vehicle retains its originality because dents are repaired without damaging the paintwork or disturbing anti-corrosion treatment. This could have a beneficial effect on the resale price of your car. In some cases, hail damage can be repaired in a few days instead of a few weeks. There are also savings in repair costs.

You can contact TLC direct or send details via a Booking Form to arrange a 'PDR' solution to restore your vehicle

Note: Due to access, not all dents are capable of 100% removal........

PDR Procedure Notice

All care is taken to provide your vehicle with the best possible Paintless Dent Repair service. Whilst this service can bring outstanding results, it is only suitable for some repair jobs.

  • The success of all Paintless Dent Removal is subject to the location of the dents and the pliability of the body panels that are being massaged.
  • Paintless Dent Removal is always a case of trying to manipulate and/or massage the dents away - firstly we have to see which way the dents need to be massaged to achieve a reduction in the size of the dent.
  • Not all dents can be removed perfectly. Some dent types may not fully come out, owing to their locations.
  • Only small dents, for example hail damage, supermarket trolley dings, door dings or limited vandalism are normally removed by this process.
  • The success rate is approximately 80%. If we are unsuccessful there will be no charge - excluding time spent in obtaining access, dismantling & assembling (if required). The repairs, if still required, can be achieved by the conventional method.
  • If the paint surface is damaged or cracked, it will not be repaired by the PDR process.

Other Repair Services

TLC offers a range of repair services including;

- removal of windscreen chips and scratches
- steering wheel rebonding
- hoodlining replacement
- mirror head and glass replacement
- plastic & vinyl repair
- headlight, tail light repair or replacement
- re-gas struts (bonnet & boot)
- colour coding of bumper bars and panels
- household refurbishment repairs **

** white goods and appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, metal cabinets that may have chips, scratch and dents or simply need a change of colour to blend in



The Wizard - symbol of the unique, revolutionary system for rectification of noticeable blemishes.




























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